Monthly Archives: February 2014

Bathtub Remodel

shower beforeWhen we first moved in the shower was a mess (like the rest of the house).  The walls were stucco’ed to camouflage 40 years worth of damage to the dry wall, there were mirrors along the ceiling-the realtor suggested for more light??? The tub itself looked like it had been through a war with chips, dents and dings allowing the steel under the porcelain to start rusting.  It had to go.

bath3First we tore every thing out and put new insulation in.

bath 2Then we dry walled..layer #1

almost thereThen the new tub, surround, and drywall layer #2 (mold resistant) went in.  Getting so close, but couldn’t wait to start the post.


DIY Fish Bowl Valentines

We saw this idea on Pinterestfish bowl inspiration but modified it a bitfish finished


First I found this Brand new-still sealed-pack of stationary at the local Goodwill for only .99 cents! fish print

Then I used an outline of a fish bowl from Google images and added a text box with a couple of cute ‘fish related’ sayings.  (Glad we’re in the same school & You’re unlike all other fish in the sea).

Made a quick trip to the bulk candy store. fish in a bowl

Placed the fish gummies and valentine in a blue sandwich bag and are thrilled with the end result!fish finished