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Loft Bed night light

Finished the underside of the loft with a curtain panel, to hide the 2×4’s  and unfinished look of it.undderside of loft bed finished


But not before I put 2 strings of clear lights up – AWESOME night light! underside of loft bed lit up


Lego Heartlake Table & storage.

heartlake My daughter has really ‘gotten into’ the Lego Friends.  In our home they could be found everywhere, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, totes, drawers, etc.

After she bought the Heart Lake Lego mat,  I decided enough was enough…..and resigned myself to the fact this isn’t a short lived phase.  Since they will be with us for a while, we should organize and centralize. So we made a ‘Lego Table’ for them.

brooke helping build lego table aug 2013

We made the table tall enough for totes to easily slide under it and I used grooved trim on each end so she can insert instructions while assembling new Lego kits.

Lego table aug 2013Now ALL the Legos are where they are supposed to be!

It was a very easy project made from 2×4’s and plywood.  Instead of the mat, large Lego plates can be used and easily secured to the table with construction adhesive.


I also liked this Lego Playhouse -but made my daughter’s Lego table a height at which she could comfortably sit  while building.

Updated a salvaged shelf

When we bought our vacant foreclosure there were two white shelves attached to the family room wall.  One was destroyed when the plumber had to tear it out and cut out part of the wall to replace pipes that had frozen and were now acting as sprinklers in our walls.  The other was taken down, painted, and put in our daughters room-which she had no problem (and a lot of fun) filling.

Black paint from the mismatch section at Walmart & Shelf liner finished it nicely!

Loft Bed

with stairs for her small dogs

with stairs for her small dogs

start of loft bedThe hardest part about the loft bed was the stairs. It seems no one sells regular stair runners, they are all CCA treated for decks.

I solved this buy taking the CCA runner and tracing it onto the untreated board I needed.