Bathroom Remodel

This was the main reason I had to bring my A game to convince my man we could DO THIS.  The bathroom in our foreclosed purchase was horrible, and a huge reason bidders weren’t lined up for it. The walls were stucco’ed-you can even see stucco on the back of the vanity top – which was made of wood. bathroom before

OH YEAH and check out the mirrors that lined the walls at the top of the ceiling.   shower beforeI cant say I blame him and my daughter for NOT seeing my vision for this bathroom.

So the demolition began -and the girls enjoyed it a lot more than I thought they would!girls demo During the Demolition we encountered the main design challenge-large duct work that runs up through the townhome that we would have to work around.

during    Challenge accepted.  We replaced the floor, leveled it out and hung new drywall after insulating the walls for soundproofing. pipes to work around

Next came the custom cabinet install.  We had to go with custom built to accommodate the unusual dimensions-but this also allowed me to add the little cabinet for our toothbrushes and toothpaste on the vanity side.   cabs in then the sink and vanity top went on sink on need icingNext the floor was installed and the jewelry was added to the cabinets.finished bath 1finished2 The pics didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked…flash issues, or my beaming smile.  Next the kitchen!


Bathtub Remodel

shower beforeWhen we first moved in the shower was a mess (like the rest of the house).  The walls were stucco’ed to camouflage 40 years worth of damage to the dry wall, there were mirrors along the ceiling-the realtor suggested for more light??? The tub itself looked like it had been through a war with chips, dents and dings allowing the steel under the porcelain to start rusting.  It had to go.

bath3First we tore every thing out and put new insulation in.

bath 2Then we dry walled..layer #1

almost thereThen the new tub, surround, and drywall layer #2 (mold resistant) went in.  Getting so close, but couldn’t wait to start the post.

DIY Fish Bowl Valentines

We saw this idea on Pinterestfish bowl inspiration but modified it a bitfish finished


First I found this Brand new-still sealed-pack of stationary at the local Goodwill for only .99 cents! fish print

Then I used an outline of a fish bowl from Google images and added a text box with a couple of cute ‘fish related’ sayings.  (Glad we’re in the same school & You’re unlike all other fish in the sea).

Made a quick trip to the bulk candy store. fish in a bowl

Placed the fish gummies and valentine in a blue sandwich bag and are thrilled with the end result!fish finished

Flip Flop Organizer – Storage

I found this CD Tower at Goodwill for only 99 CENTS (and it even came with the wall mounting screws!) CD tower This seemed to be the perfect solution to my flip flop conundrum I face through out the year; what to do with the flip flops that won’t take up too much space or require me to store them away in an inconvenient place.

I mounted it to the wall, filled it, then slid the clothes on the rack right back in front of it.

Make sure you get one with open  wires  NOT the ones that are molded  back to the frame like this one

There are several CD racks on Ebay (if you can’t wait to get started) Otherwise just keep checking your local Goodwill, Savers or Salvation Army (people are donating these a lot).

American Girl Dollhouse made from salvaged Crates

20130715_202250It all started when I responded to a FREE Craigslist post for crates.  I had no idea what I was going to do with them but went and got 6 of them.  When I got them home they looked perfect for American Girl Doll Rooms-but they were too short.

20130715_202311  You can see the 18″ doll’s head touches the top-so this wouldn’t work.  The first thing I had to do was disassemble the box by removing just the top-But I kept the bracket from the top sides of the crates (there was one on each side).   20130715_20170820130715_201602     I then used the bracket as a template to make a larger (double sided) bracket. I attached one to the crate on both sides.   20130715_201724   20130715_202349



I removed the top and brackets from a second crate and flipped it on top of the bracket and secured it.20130715_21343820130715_202455

This is what it looks like.20130715_202504

I used boards from the tops of the crates that were removed in the very first step  to fill in the gaps in the back of the crates, and add a floor midway in the crates. 20130715_213514  She was so excited to pick out tiles, paint, paneling, etc to complete the rooms in her American Girl Doll House. AG House-bedroom This is the bedroom.

She also added a Beauty School AG House -Beauty School a Dining Room AG House - Dining Room and a living room AG Living Room  The house isn’t completely finished yet….I have to add trim on the front to hide the boards, paint the sides,  and we plan on putting some green astro turf on the top for a park/out door setting.  In the mean time it is a huge hit with her and all of her friends. AG houseAmerican girl doll house and stairs to loft Here it is under her loft bed.

When we go to the Habitat Restore she gets the materials super cheap because she doesn’t need much.  The peel and stick tiles for the floors were only 25 cents each and it only required 4 for each room.  She got a carpet square for 50 cents that was big enough to do a room and make throw rugs.  She also used a placemat found at Goodwill for a throw rug in the bedroom.

Lego Heartlake Table & storage.

heartlake My daughter has really ‘gotten into’ the Lego Friends.  In our home they could be found everywhere, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, totes, drawers, etc.

After she bought the Heart Lake Lego mat,  I decided enough was enough…..and resigned myself to the fact this isn’t a short lived phase.  Since they will be with us for a while, we should organize and centralize. So we made a ‘Lego Table’ for them.

brooke helping build lego table aug 2013

We made the table tall enough for totes to easily slide under it and I used grooved trim on each end so she can insert instructions while assembling new Lego kits.

Lego table aug 2013Now ALL the Legos are where they are supposed to be!

It was a very easy project made from 2×4’s and plywood.  Instead of the mat, large Lego plates can be used and easily secured to the table with construction adhesive.


I also liked this Lego Playhouse -but made my daughter’s Lego table a height at which she could comfortably sit  while building.